February 19, 2020
  • 2:53 am Recovery Rally 2020 Circus Square Park Bowling Green September 19, 2020
  • 5:41 pm ASK about our free EMT Training Scholarship Program through KCTCS

(Marketing/Social Media) – Meredith Hester

Our Press Releases

Freedom Through Recovery Rally

Recovery Rally celebrates recovery, raises awareness about addiction

WNKY 9/14/19 Rally Day

Sunrise Spotlight – Freedom Through Recovery Rally

WNKY 9/13/19 – Rachel Raising awareness

Freedom through Recovery Rally – Cassady’s Real Smoke BBQ 

WBKO Live 9/4/19 – Rachel and Cassady Food at Rally

Rachel Wheat Talks up the Freedom Through Recovery Rally

WBKO 8/1/19 – Rachel talks about the Recovery Rally

Jobs Programs

Jail announces work program to prevent recidivism

Click the link to see the new Warren County Jobs Program – Warren County New Jobs Program

WNKY News – Council is planning new ways to help reduce recidivism

Click the link to watch us in action – Check out the council in action

What is it like to be an addict?

The Pain We Cause: By Morgan Hornsby and Gabriel Scarlett

Click the link to view an emotional story on Amy McKeown who is a Kentucky inmate who has struggled with addiction her whole life. Now, she prepares to leave jail and rejoin her mother and son on the outside. – https://vimeo.com/307526005

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