Reentry is the process of someone that has been incarcerated and is returning to the community. Returning to the community from jail or prison is a complex transition for most offenders, as well as for their families and communities. Upon reentering society, former offenders are likely to struggle with substance abuse, lack of adequate education and job skills, limited housing options, transportation and mental health issues.

Our Mission:

The Southern Kentucky Reentry Council and with the help of our partners prepares men and women by supporting them through the process from detainment to opportunity, helping them to be contributing individuals of society.  Demonstrating that with preparation and support, the cycle of detainment can be broken.

By working together we can make our communities safer, save money, and help returning citizens become responsible citizens. 

Explore Topics and Information on Reentry Programs – (National Institute of Justice) 

Kentucky Justice Department – Frequently Asked Questions

Region 2 – Department of Corrections Website 

  • District 2 – Allen, Butler, Edmonson, Logan, Simpson
  • District 3 – Barren Metcalfe, Monroe, Warren
  • District 5 – Hart

Need Help and do not where to turn? Below are resource guides to help navigate you to the right people! The Districts are listed above for each county.

* District 2 Resource Guide Document;

* District 3 Resource Guide Document;

* District 5 Resource Guide Document;

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